Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sir Snoozy

This past week I went on a date. I'm struggling coming up with a name for him. I try not to be too mean, but I the one thing that I kept thinking throughout the date is "I'm so bored, I just wanna go home and do to bed." Now, I will state the fact that I had to work until 10:00. When he picked me up half an hour later and I was already tired it wasn't gonna bode well for him. So, I've decided that Sir Snoozy is what he will be called.

Sir and I were set up by a friend of mine. She had never met him but heard about a tall guy from a coworker and decided that being tall was enough to warrant a date (a lesson I learned years ago, height is not enough to sustain anything.) We had talked on the phone prior to the date, and my impression was that he was nice. Now, I'm not nice. I eat nice for brunch. But, i decided that I would give it a go.

I asked what the plan was and he told me it was a surprise but to not worry about it being fancy. So he picked me up and told me that his plan was to go hiking but the rain was ruining that. So, we went an grabbed ice cream instead. Fine and dandy, I love me some dairy product! However it was late enough that as soon as we ordered they flipped their sign to closed and had already locked the dining room. Outside we go to eat our ice cream. Now, remember I had mentioned it was raining? Well, it had stopped, but it was chilly. Mid April, outside, 11 pm, ice body started to shut down as I worked on hypothermia from both inside and outside. Finally he got the clue and we jumped in his car to find a place to play pool, we couldn't find a place that wasn't overflowing with people so he drove me back to my place. We talked for a while before I got out, gave a hug and went inside.

Now, it wasn't a bad date, but it wasn't a good date, Therefore I give it a 3 because I would have preferred to be sitting home alone.There was no spark. I literally yawned a hundred times on the date. When he asked me out for a second date and I told him I didn't feel the need cause we had nothing in common, his response was, "We have lots in common. We both are tall, we both have a monotone voice, we both were born into the same religion but had become inactive, we both are sarcastic (He didn't say a single sarcastic thing all night), and we both like to camp." I told him that features cannot count as things in common, and since camping really was the only thing we have in common I didn't think it was enough to sustain any sort of relationship. Now, my tips for Sir Snoozy....If you are planning a specific activity for a date, let the chick know in advance. I was not wearing shoes I would hike in. Also, if the chick doesn't act interested when you tell her all about the modifications you put on your car when you were in high school, she isn't interested. She genuinely doesn't care if you can still pick out the model and make of a car based off of sound or headlight shape. And, when a girl says no thank you to a second date because of a lack of a spark, don't ask her why she finds you revolting....that gives her a reason to find you revolting (if a girl kept at it after you said no you would put her in the psycho column immediately. It's not acceptable for either gender. Take it like a man and walk away with your pride still intact.) Now, I really appreciated that Snoozy had a plan. Even though it was washed away by the rain (see what I did there?) I give automatic props to a dude with a plan. I also give props to a guy that always picks up his date. If you meet her there don't expect anything....and of course to opening the doors. S.S. was very nice, just not for me. If you would like his number let me know...He's tall!

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